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PustevnyPustevnyPustewny (Pustevny)


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Saddle between the Radhost and Tanecnice mountains, the most significant and most visited alpine resort in Beskydy. You can get there along the road from Prostredni Becva or by the chair lift from Raztoka in Trojanovice. In 1891 the “Pohorska jednota Radhost” (a tourist group) has opened a tourist shelter called Poustevne. To the end of the century, many others buildings followed as Sumna, Mamenka and Libusin by the architect Dusan Jurkovic. The area is completed by Wallachian wooden sheds “U Zarysa” and the hotel Tanecnice from 1926. This unique group of buildings should have been demaged by recessive german soldiers in the end of the Second World War but the Second partisans brigade of M. R. Stefanic fortunately discountenanced the horrible barbarism. In Pustevny you can also visit a little bell-tower and the sighseeing pavillon Cyrilka. Close to Pustevny there is a ski jumping bridge and you can use the well-known skiing centre here as well.

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